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آذربايجان سر ايران

تاريخ ايران زمين



Are You An Iranian????

From the very beginning of the history, the man was always looking for a supernatural element to use it in order to achieve his earthly objectives, and of course many examples exist with stories told in various books and literatures. That is how the religions have been found. Religions in their entity are a kind of a culture with their followers forming varieties of cults when they have no logical basis in their beliefs. Although all religious people and particularly the existing religions believe in the existence of One God and one God alone, however it is very amusing to see that the most of the wars throughout the history were nothing but religious wars and they do still continue to the present. Although they all claim in killing others in the name of God, one might like to ask, if we all believe in one God alone, so then why do we need to kill each other and destroy civilizations in order to prove that our beliefs are better than others. One then may conclude that for many, religion is nothing but an excuse for gathering more power and wealth. Don’t look very far, Villayat-Faghih and its Islamic regime is the very vivid example of this sort of religion and religious leaders became reality in our motherland. One of the most despotic regimes ever existed on the face of earth. The strange phenomenon is that this event took place in a land, which has honored the humanity by the first declaration of the Human Rights in 539 B.C. by the King of Kings, the Achaemenian King, and the founder of the Persian Empire, Cyrus the Great. Iranians have always enjoyed a culture of progress based on truthfulness and honesty and away from greed and abusing other nations since this land was known, as “Airyan-Vaedja”. Iranians were the first people and have always believed in one God and one God alone well before any other nations. 

Now, we come to the question that, why this unholy event of the establishment of an inquisition type regime of dark ages replaced the Iranian historical regime of Monarchy and ceased the progress and prosperity in Iran when the whole world was going to step into the new age of science and technology.

Although today we may bring many excuses and accusing others for conspiring against our people and country, which I would agree with many of them, but we shouldn’t overlook the most devastating element which has resulted in the creation of the notorious Islamic regime. This element was nothing but our cultural ignorance. National Culture for any nation is like an immune system for a body. When the immune system weakens, the body is susceptible to varieties of disease. By upholding the national culture, the nations can keep their identity and will never lose their integrity and self esteem. 

Since the invasion of Iran by the Arabs, they have constantly tried to strip us of our cultural identities; they burned our rich libraries, they sold us as slaves, they raped our mothers, and they killed anyone who would not surrender to their will. But thanks to our strong culture, we stood up against our enemies and succeeded in defeating them and kicking them out of our homeland. Many others have decided to concur and exploit our country and people, but didn’t succeed.

Prior to the dark events of 1979, Iran was on its way to a new age of glory and pride. Iran was going to become a super power and a stabilizing force in the region. The Western World struggling with high inflation and unemployment could not accept a none-Western country with many natural resources and young well-educated generation to flourish. What kind of an example would have been Iran for other countries in the region? So, in order to weaken the Iranian society, the cultural attacks have begun and continued through the promotion of non-Iranian cultures such as Islamic movements in one hand by creating Islamic centers in the Universities and places like Hosseiniyeh Ershad with the mullahs dressed in suit and tie like Ali Shariati. On the other hand, for those not attracted by the Islamic promotions, the varieties of Westernized centers, namely night clubs, discos and similar places helped creating more friction and splitting the society. What it was lacking, especially among the younger generation as well as older people alike, was the Iranian cultural literacy. While the Imperial Iranian Government was engaged in the development and building the country infrastructure, the none-Iranian cultures and pseudo-cultures crept into our society like a predator and termite and caused the society to collapse. When people become culturally illiterate, they will lose their national identity and become vulnerable to exploitation by others. Simply, a nation losing identity and self-respect resembles a drug addict crawling and crumbling in a sewer. What a heart-aching picture. Iran, the cradle of civilization; the Gods earth, and the birthplace of the first declaration of the human rights. Iran, the land of the kings and the land of brave men and women. Iran the land of Nobles and free. Now, under the Islamic regime, Iran is a country with well over 6,000,000 drug addicts, a country with over 75% living under the line of poverty, a country with jails filled with innocent people, a country which its young girls sold as salves to the Arabs and many others selling their bodies to feed their families and ailing parents.

The creation of the Islamic regime in Iran, served many purposes for the foreign countries in the west. One of the most important ones was benefiting from the Iranian technocrats escaping from the atrocities of the Islamic regime. The other was the destruction of the foundation of Iran as a progressive and prosperous country and turning it into a weak and broke nation who would let the foreign forces take whatever they want at no cost. In few world, the proud and powerful Iran of the time of the Pahlavis has become a dependant, back warded, and broke country with its rulers sleeping with any terrorist come along their way.

So, simply we may conclude that our cultural demise helped us in the defeat we suffered in 1979 and continued to the present. How interesting it is to note that during the past couple of decades and few years, the supposedly opposition inside Iran as well as abroad have insisted that in order to overthrow the Islamic regime, we need a Political Solution!!! A Political Solution, regardless of our cultural affinity and ignoring the very symbols of a culture who withstood many tests throughout the history and held our very existence intact.

The upholding of Iranian national and historical culture is not only necessary; it is essential, if, we want to gain our freedom and liberty. Thus, our future is indeed in the understanding that our struggle is not a Political Campaign but a Cultural Uprising.

The children of Iran must never forget that Iran is not just a name of a piece of land with nearly 10,000 years of history. Iran means the Land of Nobles (Azadegan).  Just being born in that beautiful land does not make one an Iranian and one must earn the privilege to be called an Iranian (Azadeh). An Iranian is the one who would stand up against tyranny. An Iranian is the one who fights with injustice. An Iranian is the one who has kindness and love in the heart and yet does not surrender and will never give up. An Iranian is the one who respects his being and never sells his soul at any price. An Iranian is as noble as humanly possible; simply his thoughts, his words, and his deeds are never tainted by evil and always follow the footsteps of truth, kindness, honesty, and courage with no fear in his heart.

Ask yourself; do you consider yourself an Iranian???

If the answer is positive, then it is your duty to take the stand and defend your cultural heritage. This is a cultural war and as long as we do not recognize this fact, we will not be able to defeat our enemies and free our motherland, which is constantly being raped by the usurper regime of the Vilayat-Faghih and its Islamic Republic.

 May God Bless Iran

Long Live the Iranian Monarchy Institution



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اين تارنما هديه ای است به جانباختگان نيرو های مسلح

صدای شما وقتی شنيده می شود که بلند و رسا باشد 


Ali Neshat

برگ اول
جــانـــبــاخـــتــگان ايران
سرداران ملی و ابدی
نيروی هوائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی زمينی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی دريائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نشان و مدال های نيرو های مسلح شاهنشاهی ايران
جانباختگان نيروی زمينی
بازديد شاهنشاه آريامهر از آمريکا
بياد فريدو فرخزاد
دکتر سيروس الهی ;
کشتار مردم
خواندنی ها
17 دی پيام رضا شاه
سرهنگ عطابای
ما برای ادامه .. شما؟
جشن های 2500 ساله
شاهزاده -کنفرانس 1380
بيژن فاضلی
ژنرال اويسی
بازديد شاهنشاه از ناو
در سوگ دخترم ليلا
پيام شهبانو
عباس قلی زاده
آخرين اراده شاهنشاه
ليلا پهلوی
رضـــا مظلومـــــان
يادواره جانباختگان
سرهنگ احمد منفرد
سرهنگ هادی عزيز مرادی
جانباختگان کودتای پايگان شاهرخی
مردم ايران فلسطين شده...
سينما رکس 
آگاهی ها
پيام رضا شاه - 17 دی
سالروز جانباختگان 2561
پيام شهبانو - 1380
والاگهر شهــــريار شفيــق
سرهنگ شاهوردی لو
سوگند شاهزاده رضا پهلوی
علی اکبر طباطبائی
علی و نورالدين توکلی
چادر در اسلام...
زادروز اعيحضرت
خون آشامان!
ششم بهمن
جنگ نه!!
قدس و سپاه زنان!!
تماس با ما
پيوند ها



پاسخ به تاريخ




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