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آذربايجان سر ايران

تاريخ ايران زمين



Is it Iran, or is it Palestine?

Palestinians played a very crucial role in the Revolution that led to the fall of the Monarchy and which brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power in Iran. As far back as in beginning in 1969, Iranian revolutionaries were being trained in Palestinian camps throughout the Middle East. While the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine trained and armed the Islamic-Marxist terrorist group, Fadaiyaneh Khalgh, Arafat’s Fatah organization was training and supplying the Mujahedineh Khalgh and the future members of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran, including the Minister of the Guards later appointed by Khomeini. What is more, during the final days of the Islamic Revolution, the Palestinians were actually participating in the demonstrations against the Shah and went as far as killing Iranians in the streets of Tehran. Just days after Khomeini came to power in Iran, Arafat himself was boasting of how the “PLO trained within its camps 10,000 Iranians" and how they provided Khomeini and his followers with over 10,000 Kalashnikovs as well as Palestinian volunteers. It was these same Palestinian volunteers who continued to support the Mullahs by taking charge of the security in the ministries and the other public buildings of Iran, and it was those same terrorists, trained by the PLO, who were responsible for killing Iran’s finest. On the night when the brave generals of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces were shot by the terrorists and rolled in their blood on the roof of Alavi school, that same infamous leader of the terrorists, Yasser Arafat, and the enemy of the people of Iran, Khomeini, were congratulating and hugging each other with smiling faces.

And what did the Palestinians get in return for their crimes against the people of Iran? Amongst other things, they got a Palestinian embassy in Tehran and a branch office for the PLO in Khozestan; the unconditional support of the Islamic Republic for all terrorist elements within the PLO; the creation of several new radical organizations, such as Hezbollah, to support the same; and, finally, they got the military support of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the regular monthly financial backing of the Islamic Republic with millions of dollars of money stolen from the people of Iran.

Having got all the above as a result of the Mullah generosity with Iran’s wealth and resources, how did the Palestinians proceed to pay back the people of Iran? They repaid Iran by joining forces with Saddam Hossain and killing more Iranians in Iraq’s war against the people of Iran. Now, having gone through this war, where the Palestinians helped the Iraqis kill hundreds of thousands of Iranian soldiers, how did the Islamic Republic repay the Palestinians for their treachery? By continuing to support them with millions of dollars of money that should rightfully go to the poverty stricken people of Iran; by giving them a platform to promote their cause and their terrorist activities, whilst silencing all opposition to the clerical rule in Iran; by sending them millions of dollars worth of “humanitarian” aid and bringing their injured “fighters” to Iran for free medical treatment and rest, while leaving Iran’s sick and poor to find their medicinal needs on the streets of Tehran and to buy them at overly inflated Black Market prices.


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اين تارنما هديه ای است به جانباختگان نيرو های مسلح

صدای شما وقتی شنيده می شود که بلند و رسا باشد 


Ali Neshat

برگ اول
جــانـــبــاخـــتــگان ايران
سرداران ملی و ابدی
نيروی هوائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی زمينی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی دريائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نشان و مدال های نيرو های مسلح شاهنشاهی ايران
جانباختگان نيروی زمينی
بازديد شاهنشاه آريامهر از آمريکا
بياد فريدو فرخزاد
دکتر سيروس الهی ;
کشتار مردم
خواندنی ها
17 دی پيام رضا شاه
سرهنگ عطابای
ما برای ادامه .. شما؟
جشن های 2500 ساله
شاهزاده -کنفرانس 1380
بيژن فاضلی
ژنرال اويسی
بازديد شاهنشاه از ناو
در سوگ دخترم ليلا
پيام شهبانو
عباس قلی زاده
آخرين اراده شاهنشاه
ليلا پهلوی
رضـــا مظلومـــــان
يادواره جانباختگان
سرهنگ احمد منفرد
سرهنگ هادی عزيز مرادی
جانباختگان کودتای پايگان شاهرخی
مردم ايران فلسطين شده...
سينما رکس 
آگاهی ها
پيام رضا شاه - 17 دی
سالروز جانباختگان 2561
پيام شهبانو - 1380
والاگهر شهــــريار شفيــق
سرهنگ شاهوردی لو
سوگند شاهزاده رضا پهلوی
علی اکبر طباطبائی
علی و نورالدين توکلی
چادر در اسلام...
زادروز اعيحضرت
خون آشامان!
ششم بهمن
جنگ نه!!
قدس و سپاه زنان!!
تماس با ما
پيوند ها



پاسخ به تاريخ




تصاوير زيبای ايران


اگر شما از فاير فاکس (موزيلا) استفاده می کنيد برای ديدن ابزار شنودی به آخرين ورژن آن احتياج داريد اينجا کليک کنيد
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